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Waste Management

Waste management in the Dominican Republic is a problem that still remains a great challenge to be solved in 2023.


The Dominican Republic faces a serious problem with the disposal of garbage, which is deposited with few controls and limited safety measures for health or the environment in one of the 240 open-air landfills operating in the country, which accumulate 95% of
solid waste, according to the Ministry of the Environment.
In 2020, the General Law on Comprehensive Waste Management and Co-processing, Law 225-20, was approved, and it is from this law that the processes of selection and closure of open-air landfills, and the construction of sanitary landfills and co-processing
of solid waste begin.


But this process of comprehensive improvement that has begun at the level of State responsibility and extended producer responsibility, also has repercussions on waste generators at the domestic and commercial level, since before it was common for
people to complain about not finding a place to properly dispose of waste, or that if they separated at the source then in the waste collection everything was linked and ended up in an open-air landfill.