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Elimination of single-use plastic

It is increasingly common in the country to find companies that are dedicated to recycling or comprehensive waste management, and it is the responsibility of the generators

1. Avoid generating waste that is not necessary: analyzing what we consume, replacing single-use packaging with reusable packaging.
2. Reduce
3. Reuse
4. Recycle


From the Sustainable Tourism Circuit, we promote comprehensive waste management among our members, according to the reality of each business. Although not everyone can efficiently transform and manage all their waste, they can start by looking at what
they can reduce or avoid, such as single-use plastic.


Integrated waste management and waste reduction can become a reality and be measurable with simple changes in employee and customer habits: remembering toseparate at the source, replacing products or materials, such as single-use plastic, with reusable materials or products, changing the way some products are purchased (buying more quantity), and buying in bulk, among others.