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Destination of the Future Samaná

With the DESTINATION OF THE FUTURE-SAMANÁ project, we seek to strengthen the tourist destination of the province of Samaná, promoting the resilience and participation of MSMEs, the solidarity economy in food production and the protection of biodiversity; the concept of alternative development will be transferred to the
province of Samaná, and will be disseminated nationally through the available media. All this articulating the actors through a provincial SUSTAINABLE TOURISM CIRCUIT.


DEFUTUR is conceived as a systemic project that reaches the target groups directly through pilot measures on the one hand and acts indirectly through an effectively functioning target system on the other. The actors benefiting from the DEFUTUR pilot measures are direct target groups, while the actors benefiting from the best effects of the system belong to the indirect target groups.

Indirect target groups have a very important weight to build more sustainable systems that provide better services and framework conditions in the long term, without continuing to depend on development funds. While local people and the environment
are at the top of the target system, it is important to focus on strengthening the capacities of institutional partners, which then – also beyond the duration of the project – strengthen the target groups of the population and make them more economically

General Objective

The population of the province of Samaná, in the Dominican Republic, improves their income situation through sustainable economic cycles and increases their quality of life and nature conservation through orientation towards sustainable tourism.

Project Components

1. Implementation of a Destination Management in Samaná (DMO)
2. Virtual Training for Destination Managers
3. Eco-Promoters for a Circular Economy and Sustainable Tourism Circuit
4. Development of a digital platform for Destination Management
5. National dissemination of the Sustainable Destination Management model Network of Destinations of the Future: I attach that document separately: it is called Brochure Destinations of the Future ES-Dec-2022