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Renewable Energy

Energy is present in everything we are, in everything we consume.

Like water, energy is present in everything we are, in everything we consume. You've probably heard the statement of the law of conservation of energy: "energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed". That is to say, we human beings are energy and when we make use of energy, we change it from one form to another. When we feed ourselves, we consume energy and we transform this energy into a movement, into a job.


Just as human beings need energy to transform it into action, so too do the things we depend on for our daily activities, but the way to transform that energy necessary for
the functioning of things can come from different sources.

Traditionally, the energy for our activities comes from one source, which is oil. The
origin of petroleum lies in the decomposition of organic substances produced by the
action of microorganisms, initially and fundamentally by the increase in temperature,
burial and time (millions of years). For this reason, it is considered a non-renewable
fossil resource. In addition, its extraction, refining and use process generates so much
pollution through the emission of greenhouse gases, which is the main cause of the
acceleration of climate change and anthropogenic global warming.
It is for this reason that as the population has grown and with this increase in population
the consumption of products and services has also increased, it is extremely important
to diversify energy generation for less polluting alternatives from the point of view of
greenhouse gas emissions, such as renewable energies.
Renewable energies are the type of energy from natural sources that are replenished
faster than they can be consumed. An example of these sources are sunlight and wind,
as these sources are continually renewed. In contrast, fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and
gas, are non-renewable energy sources that take hundreds of millions of years to form.
From the Sustainable Tourism Circuit, we promote among our members the saving of
energy and the transition to renewable energies, according to the reality of each
business. Although not everyone can transform how they generate the energy they
need to produce or provide their services to customers, everyone can implement
improvements to reduce electricity consumption, and this can be through changes in
the habits of employees and customers: remembering to turn off electrical appliances
when they are not in use, teaching the ideal temperature for the use of air conditioning,
changing to more modern and efficient technologies, among others.