Circuitos a Samaná

"Walk through Samaná and leave only your footprints"

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Adventures of the Circuit


There can be many adventures in the SAMANÁ CIRCUIT. Everything will depend on your tastes because there are options for extremists such as the FERRATA TRACK, it is the only ferrata track in the country! The pendulum consists of climbing a few meters on rock and finally letting yourself fall. 


Your body is suspended in the air, moving back and forth like a pendulum, and finally slowly lowers to the ground. Total adrenaline! Contact CUERDAS RD, the specialists who offer you 100% safety for your climbing.


Another extreme adventure is diving or swimming with whales in the Banco de la Plata. You'll be able to swim and snorkel with these majestic creatures, but only at the Banco de la Plata Marine Mammal Sanctuary, located north of the coast of Puerto Plata,
and only on three boats approved by the Dominican government.
Sleep on a sailboat in St. Lawrence Bay. It is the only bay within another bay (Samaná). Imagine visiting it, being surrounded by Haitians (mounds of lush vegetation) and sleeping under the stars on a sailboat. Search our contacts for the services of CRINES DEL MAR.