Circuitos a Samaná

"Walk through Samaná and leave only your footprints"

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Circuit: What to eat

What to eat?

In the CIRCUIT you can find offer of traditional Samané gastronomy, Dominican and international gastronomy, since Samaná has a rich, diverse and sustainable culinary offer,
where COCO has a preponderant place as the main ingredient.
Many of the restaurants that make up the CIRCUITO work on rescuing gastronomic traditions, as well as reducing food waste, eliminating single-use plastic, and/or safe and secure food handling, among other criteria. Enjoy during your stay dishes such as fish with coconut, moro de pigeon peas with coconut, coconut bread, conconete, or simply some tostones with its salt chin next to some shrimp from Sánchez, of course... With coconut!